Z3 Keyless Locking devices

Z3 keyless locking devices

Z3 Keyless Locking devices

Product Features

Mshkin Z3 Keyless locking devices

Shaft Locking Devices connect hubs solidly to shafts, using a keyless mechanical interference fit, to transmit torque or to withstand axial thrust. This mechanical interference fit utilizes screw tension in the Shaft Locking Device, converted into radial pressure via an inclined plane. This pressure expands the Shaft Locking Device to eliminate the gap between the hub and the shaft. The Shaft Locking Device uses the friction bond between the Shaft Locking Device and the shaft/hub to create a zero backlash connection. This connection is easily releasable to remove the mechanical interference fit.

Easy assembly and disassembly

Both actions take place by locking and unlocking the clamping screws with common tools.

The use of a torque wrench is only necessary when a more precise torque is required.

Superior holding power

The action of the clamping cones creates shaft clamping torque superior to a normal keyed hub.

Overload protection

When the pre-set torque is exceeded locking device will slip, preventing the connected elements from being broken.

Note: Locking units are not friction couplings, so excessive slip will cause damage.

Easy adjustment

Combining the locking device design of smooth cone action with superior holding power, the hub can be clamped at any position along a shaft, eliminating the need for lock washers, spacers , stop rings, etc.

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