Type Torque Limiter coupling

Type Torque Limiter coupling drawing

Type Torque Limiter coupling

Product Features

The torque limiter coupling combines overload slip protection with the ability to couple driving and driven shafts. It is an assembly consisting of a torque limiter and roller chain coupling. This construction provides a dependable character and easy-to-assemble flexible coupling. With torsionally rigid, backlash-free steel lamina coupling and with variable spacers for different shaft distance dimensions, even though for large shaft distance.


High power density due to high-quality materials

A zero backlash design

Excellent torsional rigidity and torque capacity with good misalignment capability

Product Details

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Parameter and Dimension Torque Limiter Coupling
ModelTorque Range (Nm)Max Running Speed(r/min)Finish BoreMax BoreSprocketDDHLI1I2SWeight
CTL200-1C2.9~9.81200873114RS 40-16T76505524297.51.0
CTL250-1C6.9~27100013103822RS 40-22T102567625487.41.9
CTL350-1C20~7480013174525RS 50-24T1377210337629.74.2
CTL500-1C47~21050018206542RS 60-28T188105120407611.610.0
CTL700-1C116~56940023309064RS 80-28T251150168669815.326.0
CTL10-16C400~124030033309572RS 140-22T3551371897111526.266.0
CTL14-10C890~26602002840118100RS 160-26T4701672358015030.1140.0
CTL20-16C2450~49001404350150135RS 160-36T63123730012017530.1285.0
Order FormSize/Type of jointSprocket H7/KRTL H7 Finish bore(H7)Keyway to GB/T3852 sheet 1977(Js9)
CTL14-10Cφ28/φ40φ28/φ40 keyway

Type Torque Limiter coupling drawing

Warranty & Commitment

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