Type Eccentric Coupling

Type Eccentric Coupling 2

Type Eccentric Coupling

Product Features

Eccentric Couplings offer great flexibility in shaft displacement while maintaining undisturbed power transmission at constant angular velocity.
The Eccentric Couplings provide a smooth flow of power for maximum product quality. And, unlike universal joints, there is no performance loss by increasing shaft offset.

Eccentric coupling transmits constant angular velocity and torque in a wide range of parallel shaft misalignments. Imposes no side loads on shafts or bearings and eliminates radial shaft vibrations. No performance loss of increasing offset. In parallel with eccentric coupling conditions do not affect the speed and torque transfer, it provides large floor space savings because of its compact design

Wide range of parallel shaft displacement without side loads

Constant transmission of torque and angular velocity

Low and Ultra low backlash models available

Elimination of radial vibration

No performance loss by increasing shaft displacement

Product Details

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Specifications of Eccentric coupling
ModelLink NumberRadial max displacementStarting torque N.mNormal torque N.mMax speedDimensions (mm)The radial loadCoupling sells radiusWeightRotary inertia
MEC 70-13X268651374930007074362548M101038700.0241.39.03X10-4
MEC 92-13X21331281966825009274704570M101038700.0351.92.69X10-3
MEC 120-13X21711656001962000120101905090M121589200.0454.91.15X10-2
MEC 140-13X2171165106035018001401349055100M1622141200.05010.42.80X10-2
MEC 160-13X21901801850640150016015510060115M1625215700.05715.75.80X10-2
MEC 200-13X21711653470118010002001969080150M2030308900.07527.01.61X10-1

Type Eccentric Coupling drawing

Warranty & Commitment

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