Type BH Retractility Welding Universal Coupling

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Type Retractility Welding Universal Coupling

Type BH Retractility Welding Universal Coupling

Product Features

The SWC universal joint coupling is a structure without bolts. The bearing is fixed without bolts. It avoids the weak links damaged by bolt shearing, prolongs the service life and is convenient for maintenance. It is suitable for rolling machinery, lifting and transportation machinery and other heavy machinery. It connects two transmission shafts with different axes, the rotation diameter is 100 to 620mm, the nominal torque is 1.25 to 1000kN m, and the axis angle is 15 to 25 degrees.

The cross shaft of universal coupling is made of low carbon alloy steel and the surface of the cross shaft journal is carburized. The depth of the carburized layer is 1.0-2.0mm and the surface hardness is 58-65HRC

Excellent performance, long using life and competitive price

Heat resistant & Distortion resistant

High intensity and rigidity

Meet Iso9001: 2008 quality system

Product Details

  • Parameter Details
  • Structure Drawing
Parameter of Type Retractility Welding Universal Coupling
TypeGyration diameter     D mmNorminal torque     Tm Kn.mWeary torque Tf Kn.mAxes fold angle     (β°)Flex quantity Ls mmSizeRotation inertia Kg.m²Weight kg
LminD1 (js11)D2 (H7)Lmn-dktb (hg9gLminIncrease 100mmLminIncrease 100mm
SWC 100 BH1001.250.63≤25553908457556-972.50.00440.000196.10.35
SWC 120 BH1202.51.25≤258048510275658-1182.50.01090.0004410.80.55
SWC 150 BH15052.5≤258059013090808-131030.04230.0015724.50.85
SWC 180 BH18012.56.3≤251008101551051108-171750.17500.0070702.8
SWC 225 BH2254020≤151409201961351208-172053290.53800.02341224.9
SWC 250 BH2506331.5≤1514010352181501408-192564012.50.96600.02771725.3
SWC 285 BH2859045≤1514011902451701608-212774015.02.01100.05102636.3
SWC 315 BH31512563≤15140131528018518010-233284015.03.60500.07953828.0
SWC 350 BH35018090≤15150141031021019410-233585016.07.05300.221958215.0
SWC 390 BH390250125≤15170159034523521510-254087018.012.1640.221973815.0
SWC 440 BH440355180≤15190187539025526016-2842108020.021.4200.4744119021.7
SWC 490 BH490500250≤15190198543527527016-3147129022.532.8600.4744145221.7
SWC 550 BH550710355≤15240230049232030516-31501210022.568.9201.3570238034.0

Type Retractility Welding Universal Coupling drawing

Warranty & Commitment

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