Type AQ Ball Torque Limiter

Type AQ Ball Torque Limiter

Type AQ Ball Torque Limiter

Product Features

The Type AQ ball torque limiter made by MSHKIN is a high precision disconnect-type mechanical protector for your equipment by using ball bearing or cam. In case of overload the ratchet parts balls leave their indentations and a relative motion between the driving and driven side is produced. In this way damages due to overload are avoided. The shift ring makes an axial motion to the shifting way “S” and activates the limit switch or proximity initiator. The signal can be used for control functions or for disconnection of the drive. For the restart we would recommend to electrically bypass the limit switch or proximity initiator for a short time. After the overload eliminated, the ball which was rotating in the keeping rotating reset automatically in the next indentation then the driving and driven side was resuming normal rotation with a mutual rotating angle



Torque limiter with high power density due to high-quality materials

Easy setting of slipping torque with usual tools

Torque limiter in lengthened design for assemblies with wide driving components

Ball-bearing flange ring for precise speed and run-out

Backlash-free ball-ratchet principle


Product Details

  • Parameter Details
  • Dimension Details
  • Structure Drawing
  • Structure Drawing
Parameter of AQ Torque Limiter
ModelTorque Range Nm)Max Speed unbalanced RPMThrust washer stroke on overload mmMass monments of inertialClamping screws and tightening torques for φdWeight
Type XType LType MType HHub-side   Kgm²Flexible-side   Kgm²mmNmKg
Dimension of AQL Torque LimiterDimension in mm
1, further sizes for smaller and larger torques available on request
2, smaller bores for low torques availabble on request
3, tolerance user-side H8
Order FormSize/TypeTorque Range(Nm)Finish bore(H7)Finish bore (H7) to JB/T3825-1997(Js9)
AQ03Lφ22φ22 keyway

Type AQ Ball Torque Limiter drawing

Warranty & Commitment

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