Torque Limiters

MSHKIN torque limiters are the most trusted protector for running the critical parts in your equipment.

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MSHKIN Torque Limiters

A torque limiter is a kind of mechanical power transmission component that protects a device or its operation from mechanical overload. The torque limiters manufactured by MSHKIN can work either by slipping or entirely disconnecting the drive to protect your machine sections (or workpieces that they’re servicing) from overloads, crashes, and damage from jams. MSHKIN torque limiters play a key role in your machine manufacturing and bring sure value to it.

Advantages of MSHKIN Torque Limiters

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    Easy to Install

    The easy-to-install MSHKIN torque limiters can be effectively adapted to your machine production and will increase your productivity.

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    High toughness and top quality raw materials guarantee MSHKIN torque limiters can be corrosion resistant in different application environments.

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    MSHKIN long-life Torque limiter with high-density linings due to high-quality materials ensures that your machine operates efficiently and safely.

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    MSHKIN torque limiters with premium materials are durable, which means lower wear and friction, longer service life, and lower maintenance cost.

MSHKIN Torque Limiters Selection

Type Friction Torque Limiter

Type MF friction torque limiter is a high precision disconnect-type mechanical protected equipment by using frication, in normal operation, under the settled torque range, the friction plate clamps the center plate and add pressure by disc spring that transmit rotating force by friction

Type CTL Jaw Torque Limiter coupling

Mshkin Jaw type torque limiter coupling consists of a standard torque limiter and a jaw type coupling

Type Torque Limiter coupling

The torque limiter coupling combines overload slip protection with the ability to couple driving and driven shafts. It is an assembly consisting of a torque limiter and roller chain coupling. This construction provides a dependable character and easy-to-assemble flexible coupling.

Type AQ4.0 Ball Torque Limiter

Precision automatic reset ball type torque limiter with built-in precision ball mechanism to disengage active and passive transmissions at the moment of overload, reaction time: 0.001-0.003 seconds, with shaft-sprocket, shaft-shaft, shaft-flange, Axle-synchronous pulley, shaft-V belt pulley, shaft-gear and many other installation forms.

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