MSHKIN's Capabilities

We focus on details, always try to meet your customization requirements, ensure that every power transmission component product has reliable quality and provide you with the most professional service.

Professional Customization Capability

All MSHKIN products can be customized to meet your application needs. Common customizations include sizes, materials, additional features, and more.

  • Sizes

    You can customize any size according to the needs of your machinery in the actual operation. Our mature production technology can meet your complex requirements for the size of the power transmission components.

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    If your equipment has any special requirements for the physical properties of the power transmission components in the application, we will recommend the most suitable materials for you to meet your needs.

  • Additional Features

    Based on professional design capabilities and advanced production technology, we provide additional functions for your drive components, such as Forward Torque Protection, Overload Protection, Reverse & Reset, Signal-output Only and so on.

  • STEP

    Tell us what you need or send us your drawings.

  • STEP

    We provide solutions and preliminary quotations.

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    We produce the products you need as soon as possible.

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    You will receive the well-packaged products.


If you do not find the required one in the existing products or have special requirements for the details, please contact our team, we are happy to provide you with professional customization service!

Customize Now

How We Control Our Quality


Environment, Equipment and People

Our factory strictly follows the international standard management regulations, and every step of production pursues scientific rigor.

We have advanced equipment and experienced production staff to support our production.

At the same time, we have a professional quality inspection team, and the quality inspection staff have more than 5 years of industry experience.

Details Determine the Quality

We have a systematic quality inspection process that includes what is shown below and more:

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    Incoming Products Flaw Detection

    Our flaw detection system can accurately detect incoming materials, ensuring that each material has a uniform texture and meets the requirements of GB/T908-1987.

  • 03-pic2

    Dimension Measurement

    After roughing, each piece of material will be measured by a vernier caliper. Blank tolerances need to be controlled within 0.05mm to ensure they are evenly treated in subsequent heat treatments.

  • 03-pic2

    Hardness Test

    After precision machining and grinding, the product is tested with a hardness tester and a metal flaw detector to ensure that the modulation hardness of each part is controlled within the range of HRC20-28.

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    Finished Product Inspection

    We will use a three-coordinate instrument to perform a full inspection of the finished product size, ensuring that each part's dimensions are accurate to 0.002mm before being assembled onto your equipment.

What Kind of Service We Offer You

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    Privacy Protection

    For information that you need to keep confidential, such as product parameters and drawings, we are committed to your privacy. And a confidentiality agreement is available if you need.

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    Packaging Customization

    If you have personalized requirements for product packaging, such as protective measures and logo printing on the outer box, you can ask us and we will try our best to meet them.

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    Immediacy Response

    We promise that our professional team will respond to you within 24 hours, to answer your questions about our power transmission products, services, and industry.